Advanced Materials

From military grade textiles to high-performance resins and fibers, Greenwood, South Carolina has a long history in advanced materials manufacturing. World renowned companies and a skilled and experienced workforce build the foundation for innovative companies to develop and use the next generation of manufacturing technologies.

Jay C. Self

President, Greenwood Mills, Inc.
Greenwood Mills has been in operation for more than 125 years and is proud to be the largest American supplier of spun nylon/cotton fabrics to the US military. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to quality, and our local, skilled workforce that has been able to utilize and adapt to the latest technologies and advancements that this industry has seen over the years.

Existing Companies

Ascend Performance Materials: Ascend Performance Materials is a premium provider of high-quality chemicals, fibers, and plastics. They are a global leader in the production of Nylon 6,6.


Greenwood Mills: Throughout many changes in the American textile industry, Greenwood Mills has always stayed one step ahead – of market forces, of new technologies, and of process innovations. Thanks to the leadership and steady hand of the Self Family, Greenwood Mills continues to be an industry leader and a pillar of its community. At the onset of American involvement in World War II, Greenwood Mills becomes the only mill capable of producing military-grade poplin. This defining moment would establish a trusted relationship with the United States Armed Forces that continues to this day.

Jatco: Jatco is a global plastic molding and manufacturing partner. Multi-shot tools, stack molds, in-mold decorating, clean room, and electronic presses are all part of Jatco’s cutting-edge technology offerings.

 Teijin Ltd. Teijin, a Japanese chemical, pharmaceutical, and information technology company, will be constructing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Greenwood County. Creating 220 new jobs, the project is expected to bring $600 million in new capital investment to Greenwood County – the largest initial capital investment by a company in the county’s history.

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